Alaina Ahuja

Alaina Ahuja

Published on July 25th 2020

         While growing up in Warwick Township, Pennsylvania, USA, I love to read, write, and am fascinated and greatly influenced by technology. I started coding at the age of six and remember doing goofy programs on MIT Scratch. As I grew up, more and more activities were being added to my schedule. From making micro APIs at home to collaborating with Amazon for the recently finished Alexa skill, I’ve done things I would never have dreamed of doing and it all helped me grow in experience.

When I was six years old, my father had gotten me an MIT Scratch account which I coded on for years. At age nine I made a lost and found app for my elementary school in New Jersey. Soon after, I started learning simple Python, and that soon blossomed into numerous Python libraries including face recognition and PyGame, as well as micro APIs using Flask. I also worked on a Raspberry pi 4 and did countless projects with it. In one, I hooked up an API that would be called from an Alexa voice skill that would remotely control the Raspberry pi. I am also interested in robotics and programmed an EV3 robot and am greatly captivated by machine learning and cloud computing. I created many video games using Python and have created a voice skill for Alexa devices. This skill was made for the Central Bucks School District that will be used by families across 23 schools.

         Currently, I play professional tennis for the USTA as well as play the role of Varsity singles in my middle school and have done so many more achievements in technology. despite it all, I still find time for my hobbies, which include reading and writing. I am also a blogger and write articles focused mainly on technology.


On October 7th, 2020 I got recognition for my tech achievements by getting the flag of the United States that was flown at Capital Hill, Washington D.C:

I was also recognized by the media; nationally and internationally:

On March 23rd, 2022 I officially became an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner:

New Tech Launches:

Central Bucks Alexa voice skill by Alaina Ahuja

September 2nd, 2020

Recently My new Alexa skill Central Bucks has come live as an official Alexa skill. The skill provides information about the upcoming events in any skill in the Central Bucks School District located in Bucks County Pennsylvania, USA. Currently, the skill supports multiple schools in the Central Bucks School District.


Woodlands at Warwick Alexa voice skill by Alaina Ahuja

September 4th 2020

Today, my new skill, Woodlands at Warwick has been released. It is a skill using the new beta Alexa Conversations technology that came out for the public only this July. The skill is for families hoping to buy a house in the new Toll Brothers Woodlands at Warwick community located in Warwick Township, Pennsylvania. It will provide information about schools, restaurants, police stations, and other crucial information about the area. Currently, though, it only supports information about schools in the area.

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